12 Activities for Toddlers and Dads


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 Are you planning a special Father’s Day? Why not plan in some special time for Dad and your toddlers to interact, learn, and bond. Try some toddler sports, fishing, games, bear hunt, or our favorite Skeeball for Toddlers! :)

Here are some activities your toddlers might like to do with Dad or Grandpa!

1)  Toddlers Air Hockey ( sans air )

2) Toddlers Game of Flag (Sock) Football

3) Toddler Game: Find the Alphabet Cars

4) Toddler Games: Sticky Note Go Fish

5) Toddler Games: Make a Toddler T-Ball Stand

6) Toddlers Skeeball Fun (*Favorite!)

7) Toddlers Bean Bag Toss Game

8) Toddler Game: Go on a Bear Hunt

9) Toddler Craft: Make an Easy Milk Carton Airplane

10) Toddlers Activities: Counting with Airplanes

11) Toddlers Game: Play a game of Marker Box (*Favorite)

12) Toddlers Hammer out some Shapes!

 Is there a special sport that you might like an activity for? Just comment below and we’ll see what we can do!



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