Alphabet Toddler Activities: Color Letters Fun Games

Alphabet Toddler activities: Color Letters Games

In one of our other popular activities ( Toddler Activities: Car Alphabet Games) we have some printable alphabet sheets with another sheet of cars for your to let your toddler find the alphabet letter cars.

Using those same alphabet sheets, you can print out the Toddler Activities: Alphabet Printout in different colors of paper and have some fun around the house. One game you can play, depending on the development stage of your toddler, is to print a couple of sheets. Then cut out the letters from the yellow paper, and keep the orange paper as one piece. Then put the cut out yellow letters face down in a pile on the other side of the room. Ask your toddler to go and get one yellow piece and bring it over. Then try to match up the letters and put the yellow piece on the orange sheet.

If your toddler is just learning what the letters look like, you can just cut out the ABCD from each sheet and put them all around the room. Then let your toddler find them and when she does, be sure to say ” Oh look you found the green letter A” ” Now you found the yellow letter B”. You can add more letters as your child learns them.

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