Bubbles from the Fridge!

Toddler Activities, crafts, games: Bubbles at home

One of the benefits of cleaning out the refrigerator is ending up with something to make a simple bubble maker at home!

With this easy activity your toddler / preschooler can squeeze the containers to make a bubble at the top and make it grow or shrink. I took squeezable relish plastic bottle and cleaned it out. Then found a small dish to put in some bubble solution, and dipped the top of the bottle in so that the small opening was covered in it. Pull it out and let your toddler squeeze the bottle slowly to see a bubble emerge on the top of the bottle. If she “un-squeezes” the bubble will go down. If she squeezes again the bubble will appear again.

Toddler Activities, crafts, games: Bubbles at home

I then also used a squeezable mustard container that had a much smaller opening. With that one, if we squeezed quickly then several little bubbles came out and floated in the air!

So the next time you clean out the refrigerator, you just might find the perfect bubble making toy!


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  1. So creative and costs nothing = sweet!