Paper ball game for children and toddlers.

Paper Balls
We all know how toddlers love to rip paper and crumple it up! So let’s have some fun doing just that! If you have a few extra pieces of construction paper or scraps and a big plastic container or bowl, then you are all set to do this fun and easy activity.

First get all your paper together and sit down with your toddler. Take a piece of green paper and show your toddler how to rip a piece off and then crumple it up into a ball. Then toss it into the bowl. Do this with all the sheets of colors you have! Both of you can work together to make all the balls.

Then let your toddler dump the bowl of crumpled paper balls onto the floor. Woo Hoo! Now ask your toddler to help you find all the “yellow” balls and put them back in the bowl. Then do the other colors. If she picks up a different color, say “Hey Judy, you are picking up a green one, I thought we were picking up yellow ones silly girl!”  The more you say the colors and when your toddler is touching the colors the more it will help her to identify them.

– Construction Paper
– big plastic bowl or container

– Give your toddler a big wooden spoon to stir them all up in the bowl/container
– If you don’t want your toddler to rip the paper, then start off with the paper all cut up into medium size pieces.
-If you want to work the pinching grip, try to show your toddler how to pick up the balls of paper with her thumb and pointer finger!
– You can make it really fun and assign different sounding giggles to each color as you pick them up together.
– Have your toddler sit down and dump all the balls on her lap! Or let her dump them on your lap!
– You can also bring out some stuffed animals to help collect the balls and put them back into the bowl.
-HAVE FUN! Don’t be shy!

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  1. hi i likes that activity you doing with paper if u have some ideas with a ball thank u