“Cootie Catcher” with Letters & Numbers

Make a BIG cootie catcher! (aka Paper Fortune Teller)

I remember playing with these in school, also known as paper fortune tellers. Remember how someone would ask a question, then you’d ask them to pick a color or word. You would then move back and forth the number of letters in the word. Then they’d pick a number and you’d lift the flap to see what the answer to their question was? How fun!

For this activity you can use it to have fun with numbers, letters, shapes and more.(or fortunes if you want! lol.)


You can use this with any square piece of paper, but we decided to use a big piece of poster board to make a really big one! Why not? That way you can make the number and letter really big and draw shapes inside the flaps.


So take a square piece of poster board, and fold like this. Let your little one help you crease sides as fold them down.

Then you have some options. If your little one is learning letters, you can write letters for each half of a flap. If you are working on numbers, then do those. Then ask her to say a number. If she picks three, move the corners three times, then have her pick a visible number/letter. Lift the flap and see what is underneath. Count what you see. (If you don’t want to draw, you can also glue on pictures of animals, or other items to count. Have fun!

You can even use this to decide what to do today! Let your child choose a number, move that many times, then have her choose a flap, where underneath you have written some of the fun activities you like to do! It’s the new Kiddo Activities Fortune Teller!

Supplies needed:

  • Paper or poster board
  • Markers


  • You can let your child help to fold the paper, and decorate the cootie catcher!
  • Have fun with writing or gluing things inside the flaps: Lunch ideas, snack ideas, Activities, letter, animals, shapes, numbers, cars, trucks, and more!

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