Felt Shape Toddler Puzzle

Beginners Felt Shape Puzzle
You can take this activity with you anywhere and your toddler can have fun with the different colors and the texture of the felt material. Take two sheets of different colored felt. Lay them on top of each other. Now cut out a square from the top right corner and a square from the bottom left corner. On the bottom right corner cut out a curve or half circle and out of the top left corner cut out a triangle shape. Not put the felt sheets down on the ground or couch and work with your toddler to put the corners back on. You can put opposite colors or the same colors.

– 2 Sheets of felt material, different colors
– scissors

– If you are working with a group you can use a bunch of colors and let them all have their own.
– Talk about the shapes as your toddler picks up each piece.

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