Group Party Activities for toddlers

Have a Puppet Hunt
All kids love puppets! Here’s a fun way to introduce the puppets to a group of toddlers. Before the kids arrive, put one puppet to the side (for example, Peter Pan) and hide the rest around the room. When the kids arrive have Peter Pan talk to them and ask them for some help with finding the others. Have Peter Pan tell the kids that he is looking for a friend that has wings and a blue skirt and he last saw her on the couch. Then let the kids look on the couch to find Tinkerbell. Now have Tinkerbell tell the kids that she saw an animal like a crocodile near the plant in the corner of the room. Have the kids find the plant and the crocodile puppet. You can do this until all the puppets are found. During the hunt you can introduce “under, behind, on top, between, etc.”. And you can let the kids review their colors by talking about the colors of the puppets. It’s a fun way to find all the puppets!

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