Toddler Activity: Hot Dog Song


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For those kids that just love the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Song, we’ve come up with a fun activity for you to do while you listen to the song!

Print out the sheet of  HOT DOG letters and this sheet of Disney characters from the Disney website. Let your child color in the print out while listening. Then cut out the HOT DOG letters and hide around the room. Turn on the music and have your child look for all the letters to spell out HOT DOG! After finding all the letters, sound out each letter. Then put them together to spell HOT DOG and sing out Hot Dog, Hot Dog….. while doing a little dance of course! :)

Supplies Needed:
– Music (You can get at iTunes: Playhouse Disney: Music Play Date – Various Artists )
– printer to print
– Scissors
– crayons/markers
– HOT DOG Dance moves!

– As you look at the letters of HOT DOG, take your child’s pointer finger to trace over each letter as you make the sound of the letter.
– You can also cut out the characters and hide them around the room too!

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