How do I get rid of Lice?

Well I never thought that I would have had to ask that question, until last January when the unthinkable happened. We had lice. It’s October and I’m still recovering from it. No really, I worked myself up so much during that ordeal that I got myself run down and sick. Really sick. Scarlet fever sick. It was really scary, the lice and having scarlet fever. More than I could handle in two weeks and I think that my body and mind are still healing from it all.

After we dealt with the lice ordeal, I really wanted to start my own organization to help others deal with the trauma. I’m serious! It really turned my life upside down. I washed everything in the house a dozen times, and wouldn’t let anyone in or out, or touch anything, or say anything. I stayed up all night cleaning and washing and showering. I even bought a new vacuum cleaner. I spent hours on the internet trying to find the best and quickest way to get rid of lice. As I did my research I heard horry story after story of how long it took some people to get rid of them. So I was up again, cleaning, washing, and showering.

The only reason that I wanted to share this now, is that with school back in session I would recommend that every individual go out and buy this special comb tool to keep in your house. I even wanted to buy a few for our school to use. I think it should become the next standard household item and be required, just like a fire extinguisher. (see, I told you I’m still recovering.)

Anyway, here’s what we did to rid our lives of lice in a couple of days. We purchased one of those products that you put in your hair when wet and then comb out lice. That worked to get out a few. Then I ordered this magic comb from Amazon ( and yes, I paid the one day shipping. I would have paid the one hour shipping fee if that was an option! lol) It is called the “Terminator” and it’s what the professional lice removing companies use. We used this comb even though we thought that we had gotten rid of all the lice, but we were wrong, as this comb brought out several more teeny tiny ones. Ones that we would have never caught. I used the comb morning and night. And then we combed every day with that wonder comb for at least a couple of weeks longer.

During all this, I have to say that my son was a trooper. He didn’t really care about it and patiently sat on the stool in the bathroom for hours while I went through his thick head of hair. By the way, I pulled out the comb just the other day when I saw my son scratching his head. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. :)

I hope this helps some of you. And the next time you hear of someone at  your toddler’s school having lice, take out the comb and just run it through your toddler’s hair a little bit. That’s what I’m doing this time around. :)

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  1. When I was on grade school, I had a friend who seemed to always catch these little bugs and spread them all over the school. My brother, two sisters and myself always ended up with it as well. My mom had the same problem trying to find the right thing to use for this problem and we found that using real mayonase helped. Spread throughout hair (thick coating) and cover with a shower cap. Leave cap on for couple hours and then shower and rinse hair. My mom heard that you should shampoo right after rinsing but we found that it was easier to wash hair with shampoo AFTER you use the comb to get all the bugs out. Doing this helped with the bugs and eggs to slide off easier and it took less time with pulling every single strand of hair.