Roll those Big Dice!

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Roll those Big Dice

This is a fun activity for toddlers where they can learn their shapes and colors while having fun tossing big boxes around the room. You’ll need a couple of medium size square boxes. Wrap each box with white paper or wrapping paper turned inside out. Then click on the shapes below to print. Cut them out and tape/glue them to the 6 sides of the dice. Have your toddler roll each die and tell you what shape/color is on top. They’ll love tossing the big boxes around!



Supplies Needed-
– 2 medium size square boxes (they don’t have to be exact squares)
– White paper, or wrapping paper
– tape or glue
– Printer and paper (if you don’t have a printer, see the Tips below)


– If you don’t have a printer you can just draw the shapes on the dice or cut them out of construction paper.
– For the older toddlers you can have them help you with wrapping  the box and putting the shapes on each side. You can also practice learning what a pair is when they get two of the same shape.
– For more durability, use contact paper over the cutout shapes to affix them to the box.

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  1. Awesome! Want to do this !!

  2. I did this with my little one when she was two and she loved it! I made it with colored paper surrounding the box and then drew the shape on top with a marker the same color as the paper. We would toss it in the air and let it land, then name the shape and the color it landed on. It really helped her practice her colors and shapes – I drew a square, a triangle, a circle, a heart, and a flower. I totally reccommend this easy to make and educational toy!!

  3. My daughter is 3 and I will be making this today with one adjustment: I will put a letter on each side, and have her run through the house finding things that start with that letter sound!