Valentine’s Day Cupid activity

Make a Digital Valentine with Cupid!

– Take some white and pink construction paper and make 5 half sheets. Write: “WILL”, “YOU”, “BE”, “MY”, “VALENTINE?” each on both sides of a piece of the paper. ( One word for each piece). Then start the video camera and have your toddler pick up each piece of paper and hold it up with music playing in the background. (If you don’t have video capability, then just take a digital photo of your child with all the words). Download the video and attach it to an email that you send to all the friends and relatives. They will love it!!!

Supplies Needed-
– Construction paper
– Digital Camera (with video capability)
– Computer
– Stereo to play music in background.

– For Cuteness Points… play Elvis ” Love me tender” , or the Charlie Brown soundtrack while taking the video.
– If you toddler decides to dance around then let her. That will just make the video that much more adorable.
– If it gets too long to have your tot hold up each piece, then just put all the pieces on the floor and let your toddler play with them. Take a video or photo so that you can see all the words, even if they are all jumbled.
It’s the thought that counts!!

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