Giftbag fun with treasures – Toddler

Gift Bag Treasures!

Everyone has tons of gift bags stored in the closet from past parties and showers. Here’s a good time to use them. Take about 5 or six of them, open them up and put them on the floor. (This is one of those toddler activities where your toddler might have more fun with the objects rather than the planned activity.) Have your toddler look in each bag to see if there is anything in it. Then place an object (ball, apple, doll, truck) in one of the bags and mix them up. Now have you toddler look again. When he finds the object congratulate him with clapping and much excitement! This way he will become enthusiastic to do it again!

Supplies Needed-
– Gift Bags ( or paper bags will do)
– small objects
– For some of the older toddlers, put an object in each bag and when she looks inside review the word for that object.
– Get some exercise in and put the gift bags around the room or house so that your child will have to walk to each bag and look to see if there is anything inside!
– If your gift bags have different colors or objects on them, you can talk about them while your toddler looks for the hidden treasures

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