Learn colors with Envelope Pockets

Envelope Pockets
You can do this activity anywhere. The photo example uses a bookcase. You’ll need a few envelopes and some construction paper. Take the backing off the flap of the envelope and fold it back. (You can use a little tape at each end to tape the flap back to the envelope.) Then press the envelope to a flat surface. The envelope should hang so that the pocket is accessible. Cut a strip of construction paper to fit, and tape it to the envelope. You now have a hanging pocket to put things in. Remember those Big Trucks and Little Trucks or Garden Fun Flowers that you printed out? Now you can use those and have you toddler put them in the colored pockets. Or you can put something in one of the pockets when she isn’t looking and then ask her to find it. A great way to review colors!

Supplies Needed-
– Envelopes (preferably the press and seal)
– Construction paper
– Printed pictures, clipart, photos, or anything else that will fit in an envelope.


– Have your child put some items in a certain color pocket.
– You can put a bunch of things in each pocket and then as you pull them out mention the color of the pocket when you pull it out.
– You can pull them off and put them on anywhere.
– Use a little bit of tape if you need to keep them up.

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