Web video conference with Grandm…

 Say Hi to Grandma (via webcam)! –

This is the modern day! You can make a FREE video conference call to relatives and friends all over the world. We’ll tell you how you can do it! Click here for information about setting up your webcam and downloading software. Once you are set up you can call others and let your toddler see and hear them on the other end. ( As long as they have the webcam also)

Supplies Needed-
– Computer
– Internet access (preferably high speed)
– Webcam (suggestions)
– Computer microphone (might be built in)
– Email address
– Messenger program downloaded to computer

– You can do all sorts of things once you have the webcam set up. Sing a song for a relative or just show him/her how big you are getting.
– This is a great way to let your toddler become familiar with someone before they visit.

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