Colorful Kaleidoscope Magnets

Kaleidoscope Magnets!:
You’ll have such beautiful magnets for the refrigerator after doing this activity with your toddler. Take some felt of all different colors and  cut it up into very small triangles/shapes. On a piece of cardstock, put some circles of glue. (Use your finger to spread it around to cover the whole circle inside.) Now let your toddler drop pieces of the cut up felt onto the paper. Let her shake off the excess and then drop them on again to see what sticks to the glue. After all the glue circles are covered up with felt pieces, let them dry. After drying cut them out and stick some magnet adhesive to the back. Beautiful! Great job your toddler has made some great colorful magnets!

Supplies Needed-
– Felt of different colors
– Glue
– Cardstock
– Adhesive magnet strips

– Your crafty toddler might want to shake the piece of paper and see all the felt that falls off, so you might want to do this activity on a play mat or other surface where it is easy to pick up the felt pieces.
– Review colors while dropping them on the glue

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  1. This is great! I always have felt scraps lying around and lots of little “helping” hands. Now I can just put the two together!