Toy Organization fun toddler activity

Toy Organization Fun!
This is a fun way to organize your toys and play a matching game! Take a photo of some of your loose toys. Then find some containers to keep them in. Print the photos and cut them out. Put the toys in a container and then ask your toddler to find the correct photo to put on the container. This way when they are stored on a shelf you will know what is inside.
(Ex. Take a photo of some building blocks, then after putting all the blocks in a box/bin, ask your toddler to find the photo of the blocks so that you can tape it to the box.)

Supplies Needed-
– Digital camera
– Computer/Printer
– Paper
– Tape
– Bins/Boxes/Containers

– Before putting the toys in the container play with them first for a little bit!
– For a fun look, use some construction paper behind the photo when taping it to the container.

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