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Step Toddlerobics with plastic bins Step Toddlerobics-
Time for some exercise! Take out some of those storage bins you have full of stuff and turn them upside down. Leave about a foot between them and have your toddler step up then down and then up again, while holding your hand if necessary. He’ll have a great time going up and down, and up and down. If your containers are transparent then he can look at what’s inside each bin while getting some exercise.


Supplies Needed-
– A few storage bins. (same size or different sizes)
– an open area

– If you need to hold his hand while going up try to see if you can ease his need to hold your hand.
– For the more advanced toddler, you can hold his hand while he “jumps” down from the container.
– Most containers are best upside down so that they don’t tip when the toddler steps off the edge.
– If you have a lot of bins, you can even make a trail from one end of the room to the other.
– Make it a game and have fun!

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