Make your own toddler alphabet flash cards

Creat you own jumbo alphabet flash cards for your toddlers or preschoolers with items from the dollar store!


All you need is a box of the alphabet cards and a pack of the die cut letters which you can get for a dollar each at the dollar store.

You’ll be putting a card and a letter on a piece of cardstock ( or construction paper), half of an 8/12 by 11 sheet of paper.

Start with a letter from the cards and find the matching letter in the die-cut pack. Lay it out like this:


Now all you will do is cover the jumbo cards with some contact paper so that they will last longer and you can take them with you on trips.

Cut a strip of contact paper a little wider than the card, you’ll want to be able to leave a little trim around the sides to make it soft on the hands. Then lay the cardstock down and use a little glue stick to stick the card and letter onto the cardstock. This will help to prevent it from moving while you cover it with contact paper.20120509-093423.jpg


 Then fold the card over onto the other half of the contact paper so that it is sealed in. Trim around the edges so that you leave a small amount ( about 1/4 inch) around the edges. This will keep it soft on the little fingers.


Make the whole alphabet and take a few with you to the grocery store, or in the car. Ask your child to find a letter in the stack or to find the card with the apple on it. Then have your child trace the big letter with her finger.





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