Have fun with toddler bubble bottle …

Bubble Bottles!
Kids love to shake things and kids love bottles. Here’s an activity that brings them together! Take an empty clear plastic water bottle and fill it a quarter full of water. Then squirt in some Dishwashing Soap and a couple of drops of food coloring. Let your toddler pick the color. Then put the cap back on and screw it tight so that your toddler can’t take it off! Now for the fun part. Ask your toddler what color the water is, then have him shake the bottle and see all the bubbles that appear. Ask him to tell you what color the bubbles are. Now you can let the bottle sit still for a minute and watch all the bubble disappear. Shake it again and they are back!!!

– empty plastic water bottle
– liquid dishwashing soap
– food coloring
– water

– You can make a few at a time with different colors in them and have your toddler shake them all!

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