Let your toddler ride motorcycle. …

Motorcycle Mama!
Get some exercise and have fun with your little one too! Here’s a fun way to let your toddler pretend that he/she is on a motorcycle! Lie on your back and bend your knees into your chest. Then have your toddler sit facing you on your feet with belly against your shins. Then take your arms and cross them in front of you making a fist but with your pinky out. Then have your toddler grab on to your pinkies as if he/she were riding a motorcycle! You can bounce her up and down a little to go over bumps, or lean to side to side just a bit. Be sure to make all sorts of VROOOOOM noises to keep the motorcycle going!

– Imagination and flexibility

– Maybe you can put a few pillows to either side of you, just in case the motorcycle falls over!

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