Toddler fun with a salad spinner

If you have a salad spinner then your toddler is in for a treat! ( If you don’t have one, you are missing out if you like to eat salads! See below) Take your salad spinner and make sure it is clean and dry Then take some construction paper and tape it to the outside of the strainer. Put it back together and let it spin. Your toddler will see the shapes and colors go spinning around! Let her push down the plunger to get it going too! You can be creative and tape whatever shapes or colors you want to!

– salad spinner
– construction paper
– tape
– scissors

-Some salad spinners don’t have the plunger but a rod that you need to spin.
– You can let your toddler use the “brake” button to get the spinner to stop and tell you what color he sees.
– Your toddler will probably just like to hear the noise and push the plunger so go with it! :)

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