Play the toddler washcloth toss game

All It takes a while for kids to learn how to catch something so start with something really soft…a washcloth. Let your toddler toss them up in the air. Toss one to your toddler and see if he can catch it! Then take a basket and try to toss them into a basket. Use different colors and talk about the colors of each one as you toss them around the room. When one falls on the couch, be sure to mention where it fell…”Hey, good job Robby, you got the washcloth on the blue couch!”

– washcloths
– basket

– You lie down and let your toddler toss the washcloth ontop of you. Then when it lands on your leg mention that. Or if it landed on your head say ” Hey the washcloth landed on my head!”
– This is a great activity to do if you are in a hotel room with nothing to do…ask the front desk for more washcloths and have a party!

Be sure to giggle lots!

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