Play 52 Pickup with a deck of cards …

52 Pickup!
Toddlers love to make a mess with a lot of things! So, let them play 52 pickup with a deck of cards. Be sure to use a deck that you don’t mind getting a little bent. Let your child take out all of the cards and dump them on the floor, then look at the cards with her. Talk about the numbers, the shapes, and the colors. See if she can put all the red cards (hearts/diamonds) in a pile and all the black cards in a pile. Or ask her to put all the 8’s in a pile. Then see if she can put the cards back in the box or some other container. Let her pick up the card with her fingers (thumb and pointer to work the pincer grip. (This helps with handwriting in the future!) This is a great activity when traveling, since all you need is a deck of cards!


Supplies Needed-
– deck of cards

– As your child picks the cards up you can count them with her each time she puts one back in the box.
– Put a few cards face down and have your toddler flip them over to see what number is on the card. Put down 2,3,4,5, and then ask her to find the one with 5 on it. Make a small game of it!

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