Play the crayon square game with y…

Crayon Square Game!

Toddlers love to drop things so let’s make a game of it. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle lengthwise and a line across widthwise in the middle to make four same size rectangle boxes. Then assign each rectangle to a person…Ex. Susie, Barbie, The Dog, you. Write the names in each box. Then have your toddler hold about 5 crayons above the paper and drop them. See which ones landed in which box. Count the tips of the crayons in each box and give a point to the appropriate boxes. Say..”Hey Fido gets 2 points because the yellow and green crayons are in his box!” Then put two slash marks in his box. Keep going until you run out of fun!


Supplies Needed-
– crayons
– paper

– This is a great activity to do when waiting at a restaurant!

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