Pretend play cutout road or path

Cutout Road –

Create a path or road for your little one’s toys to go on. Take a piece of poster board and cutout a path or road using scissors. Then have your toddler line up his cars ( or little people) along the path and go for a ride or walk. You can put some letters along the path and ask your toddler to move the “yellow car to the letter A”. Or draw some shapes along the path and ask your child to have Maggie walk to the red circle. It’s a great way to pretend play and learn shapes, numbers, and letters at the same time! You can let your kid help to draw and color on the poster board before or after you cut out a path.


Supplies Needed-
– poster board
– scissors
– small toys
– markers

Join in on the fun and take some toys along the path.
– Play follow the leader with your child.
– Put down a colorful blanket on the floor and then put the poster board with the cutout on top. This way the colorful blanket will be the background for the road/path.

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