Do some fishing with your toddler

Goin Fishin!

Your toddler will love to try and catch some fish today! Take a paper towel tube or some other “stick” like supply. Then tape some ribbon to the end and tie a plastic toddler spoon to the end. Then let your toddler sit on the couch and put the spoon in a pan of cutout fish (see photo). Help her, if needed, to hook a fist on her spoon. Let her pull it up and then put it in a small pail. Talk about the color of the fish and how big it is!

Supplies Needed-
– cardboard tube ( or similar supply)
– ribbon/string
– plastic toddler spoon
– colored paper
– tape
– scissors

– Talk about how many fish she there are are in the water, and in her bucket.
– Take turns fishing!

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