Toddler activities: Decorate the Furniture!

Toddler Interior Decorating!

Let your toddler do some interior decorating and help you give a new look to your living room! Use some felt or construction paper and cut out some circles and strips of all different colors. Then let your toddler take a circle with some tape on it and put it on the couch or curtain to give it “polka dots”. Or take some strips of paper and put them on the pillows or couches to make a plaid or striped pattern! She/he can get some exercise by walking across the room to put the dots or stripes on the couch, pillows, curtains or rugs! Be sure to take a picture when she/he is done and show others how well she/he decorated the furniture!


Supplies Needed-
– paper or felt
– scissors
– tape

– If you don’t want her to put the dots or strips on your fine furniture, then take a white sheet and wrap it around a chair and let your toddler decorate the sheet on the chair. Then let him/her sit on it and take a picture!

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