Try some Musical Coloring!

Musical Coloring!

This activity is a spin off of “musical chairs”. Have some fun coloring and listening to music give your toddler, yourself and any other kids a sheet of paper and start the music. Let them all color with a crayon and then when the music stops tell them to stop coloring. Then rotate your sheet around and let everyone start coloring again and start the music. Sing with the music and then stop the music and have everyone stop. Rotate the papers again! At the end you’ll all have a piece of paper that everyone has drawn on and shared the coloring activity with. Put the artwork on display for everyone to see!


Supplies Needed-
– paper
– crayons
– music to listen to

– This is a great activity to teach your toddler how to share and how it is more fun to do things with others. Let him/her see how you all can make a great drawing by sharing the paper and working together!

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