Puzzle Pieces Hunt in the Dark

Puzzle Flashlight Hunt!

Take the pieces from one your favorite puzzles and hide them in a room that you can darken. Keep the lights off, then take a walk with your toddler and a flashlight and try to find all the pieces of the puzzle. As you find each one, try to put it in the puzzle. Then when you find the last piece complete the puzzle and celebrate!!

Supplies Needed-
– flashlight
– puzzle

– If you don’t have a puzzle, you can also use blocks or other small toys to find in the dark!

If your toddler loves doing puzzles, then try this activity too.
Make puzzles with Clothes.

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  1. He LOVED LovED LovED this activity. he did bump into some walls but laughed right at himself when it happened. now, everytime i turn off the lights he walks around and thinks he will find puzzle peices and blocks. it was too cute! :)

  2. What a fun idea! Going give it a try, hope she understands how to search for the pieces.


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