Got CD Cases? Make a Rainbow!

Rainbow CD Cases

Toddlers seem to always get their hands on things that aren’t really for them, but they look so interesting! So let them play with some of your old cd cases. You’ll need 6 empty plastic cd cases and construction paper with colors of the rainbow. Cut each color into a square that’s 4 5/8 ” x 4 3/4 “. ( Or just use the cd cover as a template and cut to size. ) Then put a color square in each cd case. Now jumble them up on the floor and have your toddler put them in order of the rainbow colors. Call out the colors and have him get it and put them in line. RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE! Then let him stack them or just have fun with them.


Supplies Needed-
– empty plastic cd cases
– construction paper
– scissors

– While your toddler is playing with them, keep mentioning what color he is holding.
– Have your toddler count all the colors/cases
– Put them around the room and have him hunt for the Rainbow colors!
– If your toddler is already learning numbers or letters, then draw some on the construction paper before putting them in the cases!

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