Play Wheel of Tickles Game

Wheel of Tickles!

It’s better than the Wheel of fortune, it’s the wheel of tickles game! Print out the sheet and then punch a hole in the middle with some scissors and put some yarn/string through the hole and tape to the back. Then tie a plastic spoon to the string in front so that you can spin it around the wheel. Where the spoon stops is where you get to tickle your toddler or your toddler gets to tickle you! You can also just use a pacifier to toss on the page and see where it lands, or user some other object like a die.


See if your toddler can tickle himself!

Supplies Needed-
– printer to print the tickle wheel

scissors (adult use only)
– string
– plastic spoon

– You can make your own tickle wheel by looking through some magazines and cutting out pictures of kids/people and gluing them to a piece of paper. Or you can use photos of your toddler!

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