Who is Tallest of these boys: Toddle…

Who is Tallest?

Teach your toddler about being tall, or taller than something while having some fun! Print out the sheet with the boys on it and cut them out. Now put them around the room and let your toddler find them. As she finds them, put them on the wall or floor from shortest to tallest. You can compare different ones, to allow her to understand the concept. Take the short one and put it next to the tall one, and ask her if daddy is that tall and she is not so tall. Talk about how tall she’ll be when she grows up ( that is if she eats all of her vegetables!)


Supplies Needed-
– printer to print out the sheet of boys
– scissors
– tape (if you want to tape them to a wall)

– Tell your child that you saw some little boy running around the room and that she needs to find him. Then let her find all the cut-outs.
You can put some contact paper of the entire sheet before cutting so that you can use them over and over.

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