Have fun with a toddler ball catcher …

Toddler Ball Catcher!

This is a great outdoor activity! Take an empty, rinsed out gallon milk container or laundry detergent container. Something that has a handle on it. Then cut off the bottom with scissors or knife. (Be sure your toddler is not around while you cut.)  Find a few small balls and take turns trying to play catch with the container. Have your toddler hold the handle so that the cut opening is up and then try to toss a ball into the container. Then you hold the container and let your toddler toss some balls into it. You can even move it to catch her toss!


Supplies Needed-
– plastic container with handle
– scissors or knife
– small balls

– Count the number of times you get a ball in the container
– See if your toddler can dump out the balls.
– See if your toddler can move the container up so that the balls are tossed out of it!

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