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All you need is a shoebox and some markers ( or crayons) for this fun game with your toddler. Take the lid of the shoebox and cut a couple of holes about 1.5 inches in diameter. Then set the box lid inside the box as shown in the photo, in the middle of the box. It should fit snugly and you may need to tape it to stay in place. Then put some markers in the box on either side of the lid. Next ask your toddler to send over an “orange” marker, by sticking it through one of the holes. Then let her ask you to send over a color.

Supplies Needed-
– shoe box
– scissors to cut holes in lid
– markers or crayons

– Your child will just get a kick out of pushing the markers through the holes, so if she wants to send all of them over at once, just let her. Then it will be your turn.
– Have fun and get excited when your toddler gets a marker through. 


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  1. This looks like fun, and easy to do. Thanks!

  2. it works with animals for younger kids…..those little bags of $2 one you can get and for a little bit older kids you can change the shapes on the box then just ask “can i have the blue in the triangle ….my toddler and pre prep love it

  3. Bea sommer says:

    hi, its a great idea. Thanks. I used it for my younger ones and my school kids. We used numbers, shapes, letters and whole words to pass through. Its a fun game to learn :) they had good fun.. thanks again for idea

  4. Toddler Teacher in Jersey says:

    Wonderful idea. Toddlers love putting things in open spaces! Thank you

  5. Great idea! I cut two holes and labeled them “right” and “left”. We used markers and little shapes from the shape sorting toys.