Play Toy Hopscotch with your toddl…

Play Hopscotch with Toys!

Print out the hopscotch sheet and then let your toddler color in each space with a different color. Next find a small doll/figurine and let that toy play hopscotch. You can both play with a different toy! Call out a color and have your toddler move his toy to that color space. Then call out another color for him to move it to a different spot. When he’s gone up and back, it is your turn. Have your toddler call out a color and move your doll to that spot. Then finish up with some hi-fives!


Supplies Needed-
– Printer to print hopscotch board

– Depending on your toddler’s stage, you can also write some numbers or letters on the spaces and then call out a number or letter for your toddler to move his toy on.

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