Make an Alphabet Poster

Alphabet Poster Fun!
Print out the sheets of alphabet letters and shapes and glue them on a sheet of poster board. Then have your toddler roll some toys (blocks, rattles, little people, small trucks, small dolls) over the poster board. Then talk with your child and say how “Oh, your little blue truck has stopped on letter B!” or “Can you have your little bear walk over to letter G?”You can also use the shapes and have your toddler put two toys on the hearts, or stars.

Supplies Needed-
– printer to print out letters A-G, H-P, Q-V, W-Z
– small toys, balls, blocks
– poster board

-Put some contact paper over the poster board, after gluing the letters on. This will make it last longer.
– With the contact paper over top, you can have your toddler color some of the letters with crayons and then wipe if off!

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    Make an Alphabet Poster – Toddler Activities, Games, Crafts

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    Make an Alphabet Poster – Toddler Activities, Games, Crafts