Toddler Abstract Art

Toddler Abstract Art!! –

Here’s a nice activity for your toddler to create some fine abstract art and put it out for display. You’ll need some foam board, and some construction paper. Cut a rectangle out of the foam board about 15 inches by  7 inches. Then cut on one side, not all the way through, down the middle. (as in photo). Flip the board over and then make two cuts halfway from the middle cut to the end of the board. Don’t cut all the way through. This will allow you to make the accordion like structure as in the photo. Then give your toddler some construction paper of different colors and let him/her crumble/fold it up to a small piece of abstract art. Then glue some small black squares of construction paper on each panel for the backgrounds. Then take each abstract art piece and let your toddler glue it on the black square. Set the display on the kitchen table and let the whole family admire it!


Supplies Needed-
– foam board
– utility knife to cut the foam board ( be sure that you cut away from your toddler)
– construction paper
– glue

– Talk about the different colors of paper that your toddler is folding.
– Talk about what the abstract art looks like…maybe an animal, or a cloud?
– Count the number of panels, or art on the display.

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