Balancing Act fun game : toddler ac…

Balancing Act!-

You’ll use some supplies from some recent activities for this one. Place a plastic cup upside down on the floor and then put one of those disposable tin foil pizza pans on top so that it balances. Then let your toddler put some magnetic letters on the tray to see how many she can put on before it falls down with a clatter!. Then do it again and again! Each time your child puts a letter on the pan, you can count or say the name of the letter or the color of the letter.
(If you don’t have any letters, you can use building blocks also!)


Supplies Needed:
Disposable tin foil pizza pan
– Magnetic alphabet letters (or building blocks)
– Plastic cup

You might want to hold the pan/tray for her while she puts some letters on, then let go at some point.
– Any kind of small toys will work for this activity.

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