Boxetball : Fun with a box game


Just another form of basketball only tailored to little children and for a rainy day inside. All you need is some string, a children’s small shoe box (with the lid attached), and some kind of plastic jar (like a peanut butter jar). Tie the box using the holes in the top of the lid to a sturdy chair. Then simply stand back and see if your child can toss the plastic jar inside the box. You can even put some pennies inside the plastic jar so that it makes some noise, since kids love lots of NOISE! Take turns trying to make a basket and exchange hi-fives and celebration when one is made!

Supplies Needed-
– children’s small shoe box ( one piece, where lid is attached/hinged)
– string/yarn
– small plastic jar with lid that will fit inside small box

-Pretend to dribble around the room to get some more exercise.

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