Clothes Swap indoor toddler activity

Clothes Swap

Kids love to dress up so have some fun with this activity. Get some adult clothes and some of your toddler’s clothes and put them in a basket. Then take turns with your toddler by taking a piece of clothing out and putting it on. When you get an article of your toddler’s try to put it on your arm or foot. Then ask your toddler if it is looks too small or too big. Then when your toddler pulls out an adult size shirt, help him to put it on and once it is on, talk about how big it is! This is a great way to talk about the concept of big and small and sizes. In the end find the right size clothing for your toddler and put them all on, telling him that those clothes are just the right size for him!


Supplies Needed-
– basket
– toddler clothes
– adult clothes

– If your toddler has a younger sibling, you can bring out some of the infant clothes and add those to the basket. This will give your toddler the opportunity to see that he is too big for some clothes.
– When putting on the clothes, talk about the color of the clothes or any prints/pictures on them.
– Get really animated about trying on the clothes. Remember, your toddler will feed off your excitement and enthusiasm!

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