Family Blocks

Family Building Blocks!

Let your toddler have some fun with family building blocks. You’ll just do a quick makeover of your child’s blocks so that he/she can play with them and spend some time with family! Take a few of your child’s blocks and set them aside. Now print out a few photos of relatives, or use photo prints with good head shots of your relatives. Cut them out so that they will fit on one side of a block and tape on. Then let your toddler have fun building things with the blocks. Tell him to “put grandpa on top of grandma!” Or say, “Hey grandma is upside down.” It’s a great way to introduce the concepts of upside down, on top, next to and others. Best yet, your child will become familiar with what each relative looks like and what to call him/her!!

Supplies Needed-
– blocks
– photos
– scissors
– tape

– While choosing photos to use, let your toddler help to pick them!

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