Fancy Paintbrush!! (favorite)

Fancy Paint Brush

You’ll be amazed at the wonderful art your toddler will create with this activity. You’ll need some watercolor paper (you can also use plain paper), some kid’s paint and a cardboard tube (from paper towel/toilet paper rolls). Take the cardboard roll and cut some slits from the end about a quarter of an inch long. You’ll want to make about 12 cuts around so that you can then fan them out by bending them back and then pressing it against a table. This will be your toddler’s fancy paint brush! (see photo) Now take the watercolor paper and wet it with water. Then put some drops of paint all around the paper. Use all sorts of different colors. Now let your toddler use the fancy paint brush and smear the drops of paint all over the paper. The colors will mix and blend and the fancy paint brush will leave some streaks behind too!


Supplies needed:
cardboard tube
– kids’ paint
– water color paper (If you don’t have watercolor paper, you can use regular paper, but just don’t wet it. )
– scissors

While you are putting the drops of paint on the paper, ask your toddler what color she/he wants on the paper.
– Say “Hey, Bobby, you just made orange by mixing the red and yellow together!”
– Be sure to let it dry before showing it to others!

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  1. my 2yr old class LOVED this craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!