Little Fashion Designer

Toddler Fashion Designer –

It’s time to be a fashion designer! Find some toddler jeans and your favorite foam stickers. ( You can use regular stickers too). Lay the jeans out on the floor and let your toddler put stickers all over the pair of jeans/pants. Then while you are out running errands and need a distraction, have your toddler remove some of the stickers or put them on his/her shirt. Or you can ask her to find the pink butterfly or red letter A and take it off to give to you.

Supplies Needed-
pair of pants/jeans ( or shirt)
– foam stickers or other stickers

– If you have alphabet stickers you can put words on or just the letter that your toddler is currently learning.

– While your toddler is selecting stickers to put on you can talk about the colors, shapes, and words.

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