Feeding Time!

It’s Feeding time!-

Run to your nearest grocery or supercenter and get some of those great animal paper plates. (These are great for kids because they are fun, colorful and have separate sections for different foods.) So it’s time to feed the animals. Tape a few of the animal plates up on a wall. For food, you can use real food/snacks or crumble up some construction paper to make some fake food. Have your toddler go up to each animal and “feed” it some food. Talk about the name of the animal, the color and what the animal says. This is a great activity to get those “non-eating” toddlers excited about eating. You can even cut out a small hole in the mouths on the plate to let your toddler put the “food” in.  This is also great activity to introduce the concept of sharing.

Supplies needed:
– fun animal paper plates ( if you don’t have any, you can always use plain paper plates and draw the animals on)
– tape

– You can make a game of it and as the parent, make the sound of one of the animals and ask your toddler which he hears and is saying that it’s hungry. Then let him pick the right animal on the wall to feed.

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