Family Fishing

Fishing for Family!

Here’s another fun activity that will help your toddler identify all his/her relatives. Take some photos of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and such. Cut them out and tape a piece of ribbon/yarn (about 8 inches long) to each. Then put all the photos in a small bowl, glass fish bowl, or like container, with the ribbons hanging out over the rim. Then tell your toddler to go fishing and pull on one of the ribbons. See who is at the end of the ribbon! Is it grandpa! Or Grandma? Let your toddler pull on each ribbon to see what other relative he caught at the end of the ribbon!

Supplies Needed-
– photos
– scissors
– ribbon ( each strand about 8 inches or so)
– bowl, fishbowl

– You can pull on one of the ribbons too and ask your toddler who your “caught”!

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