Greeting Card

Toddler Greeting Card! –

Here’s a fun project that you can send to that special someone for that special occasion. Just print out the sheet below. Then cut out some shapes in different color construction paper or felt or use some foam stickers. Let your toddler glue/stick the shapes inside the box on the sheet. Then print out the sheet of greetings, cut them out and have your toddler glue one on. Then let your toddler try to sign his name on the line at the bottom. Now fold the paper in half and half again to make a card (see photo below of finished card)). Wonderful Job! You have just made your own Greeting Card! Feel free to write something inside the card, or have mom do it for you, then put it in the mail! (p.s. the definition is from Merriam-Webster)


Supplies Needed:
Printer and paper
(Print Greeting Card sheet)  or (Print Greeting Words)
– scissors
– Glue/tape
– Construction paper or felt or foam stickers

– Review colors and shapes while your toddler sticks them on
– Think outside the box. If your toddler doesn’t get the shapes exactly inside the box…IT’s OKAY! Let him/her be creative!

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  1. Tarah Clark says:

    My son loved this activity today! Is is only 19 months and he loved pulling the backs off the stickers and placing them in the box. Then I let him color all over the inside/outside of the card. This activity took him about 20-25 minutes, which is incredibly long for him to sit and do something. Plus, I know the grandparents are going to love the handmade cards :) Thanks so much for the idea!