Toddler Game: Hacky Sack Socks!

Hacky Socks!

Similar to Hacky Sacks, this activity will let your toddler have some fun! All you’ll need are a few old toddler/baby socks and some beans. Take about three socks and hold each one open while your toddler drops some beans into it. Fill it up just a little so that you can tie a knot with the top of the sock. See photo. Let your toddler try to hold all three in his hands at once. Have him stand and put a one on each foot. See if he can raise his foot and keep the sack on top. Find a box and try to toss them in.

Supplies Needed-
– old toddler/baby socks
– beans (great northern beans work) or rice

– If you have different colored socks that’s great! You can then ask your toddler to toss the green one, or the red one. Or put the red one on his head.

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