Hammertime with Pillows!


This is a great activity for those toddlers that have the endless supply of energy. Find a big couch pillow or just an ordinary bed pillow. Then take some stickers and let your toddler put them on the pillow. Now locate your child’s plastic toy hammer and let your child hit the stickers on the pillow to help get them to stick better. You can say…”Hey Caitlin, try to hit that red flower sticker with the hammer. ” or ” Great job, Aiden, you really hit that blue circle sticker hard!” . If you have alphabet stickers, it’s a great way to introduce new letters or review old ones.

 Supplies Needed:
– Pillow
– Plastic child’s toy hammer
– Stickers

If you don’t have a plastic toy hammer, you can always use a wooden spoon or some other item that could work.
– If your child starts to hit other things with the hammer, now is a good time to teach him that he is not supposed to his furniture, walls or people with the hammer. 

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