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Colorful Handprint notes!

Use those finger paints to make some fun toddler thank you notes. ( Just in time to thank all those great relatives for those great holiday presents!) Take some paper or card stock and some finger paints. Clear off a table and cover with newspaper. Then take a few different colors of paint and paint your toddler’s hand using a paintbrush. Be sure to paint her whole palm and each finger. Put on a several colors at once, then let your toddler stamp his/her handprint on the paper! You’ll see that with all the different colors, the handprint will look quite interesting. Do it again with the same colors or add some new ones! Then let them all dry and let your toddler scribble something on the inside to say “Thank You!”


Supplies Needed-
– finger paints
– paper, cardstock paper
– paint brush
– newspaper

– You can line up a bunch of cards for your toddler to stamp in a row.
– Keep a wet paper towel nearby to wipe off any extra paint.
– Talk about the colors and the number of fingers on your toddler’s hand.

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