Have a Great Day sign!

Have a Great Day!

Here’s an activity that your toddler can do and spread happy thoughts/wishes to others. Print out the sign and have your toddler color it with markers/crayons. Then either put it in an envelope and mail it to a special relative/friend, or slip it into your daddy’s lunch box for a mid-day surprise! You can review the letters on the sign while your toddler is coloring it….” Oh, Quinn, I see that you are coloring that letter A with an orange marker. Great job!” The finished product is sure to put a smile on the receiver of such a wonderful piece of artwork by an outstanding artist!


Supplies needed:
– Printer to print out the sign
– markers, crayons

– Try to have your toddler say the words on the sign. Then the next time you see someone ask your toddler to tell him/her to “have a great day!”
– Make sure to sign your toddler’s name and date the fine piece of art!


  1. I just found you via the SYWBPP blog site, and I LOVE your work!!! What a great eye you have.Just a little cc on your (new?) blog foamrt I’m on a 17″ monitor and your page does not fit without having to scroll right. Just thought you might want to know.Happy Easter! I’m excited to check back and see what you are doing.Jen

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